Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're taking a trip

                                                        image courtesy: L'affiche Moderne

Payton is about to start kindergarten in the fall but first I need something to keep her occupied this summer. We are going to visit all of the continents and do some fun activities, all from the comfort of home.

As soon as we get back from California, we will be jumping right in and spending a week on each continent. 

Our tentative schedule is:
                                  week of June 25th - Africa with stops in Egypt, Morocco, Tanzania & Madagascar
                                  week of July 2nd - North America with stops in The U.S. Costa Rica & Mexico
                                  week of July 9th - Europe with stops in Germany, Italy, the UK & the Netherlands
                                  week of July 16th - South America with stops in Brazil, Argentina & Paraguay
                                  week of July 23rd - Australia with a stop in New Zealand
                                  week of July 30th - Asia with stops in India, Japan & Russia

I made Payton a passport using printables I found online. I used this cover (printed only page 1 at 85%) and paired it with these pages for the inside (printed full size, trimmed and cut in half, then folded down the middle. Staple all of the layers together.)

I found a paper mache suitcase measuring 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" at Hobby Lobby (about $7 with your 40% off coupon) and found some vintage travel posters online. Payton will be modge podge-ing the posters to the suitcase after I trim them down. 

Each Friday I will post the stops for the following week with the craft, recipe, movie, coloring sheet, etc. that we will be using. Feel free to deviate from our plan to fit your "travels" into your summer schedule. I hope you will all leave comments and links to your personal blogs if you are participating. Also, please don't forget to "LIKE" WestsideABQFamily on Facebook. I'll be posting over there about this and other activities we will be doing and I'd hate for anyone to miss out on some summery goodness.  

We are going all around the world this summer! Not literally, unfortunately, but close.

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Kim F. said...

That sounds like a really super fun time!

In other news, I want that poster!!!