Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Indulgence - Aromatherapy and a GIVEAWAY

After a great conversation the other day with a sweet friend, I realized that I needed to have a little Aromatherapeutic indulgence. It's been awhile since I got the Essential Oils, Sugar and Salts out and whipped up a batch of something lovely. Thank you Cynthia for reminding me that I had something else to share. I used to make Handmade Bath Blends on a weekly basis when I had my shop years ago but with a kiddo (my 4 year old princess) and one on the way (due in like 4 days!!) things er, indulgences get tossed aside. So, here's a recipe for some Summertime (body) Indulgence...
Slough off dead skin with a Sugar Scrub! Scrubs are easy to make and fabulous to give as gifts. I keep a little jar in the shower and a bowl of it next to the kitchen sink so after I scrub, everything just washes down the drain. Enjoy!
2 cups brown sugar
1-1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 - 1 cup Apricot Kernel Oil or Coconut Oil - I don't want my sugar floating in oil, more of a wet sand texture.
Essential Oils of your choice (see combination suggestions below)

Mix together ingredients and package in a mason jar, or plastic jar for the shower. Scoop out @ a Tablespoon and mix with a little water - scrub, scrub, scrub. Your hands, feet, body will feel slickery. (that's the technical term for Mmmm....)

My summer faves for Essential Oil are:

Super Invigorating!
Peppermint - 15 drops
Rosemary - 12-15 drops

Happiness in a scent. :)
Lavender - 20 drops
Lemon or Lime - 12-15 drops

One of my favorites.
Dalmatian Sage - 20 drops
Sweet Orange - 15 drops
Grapefruit - 12 drops
Lime to your liking - 5-8 drops
{{ I must give an Aromatherapists warning here: DO NOT use Citrus Oils on your skin in the morning before going out into the sun all day. Citrus Essential Oils will react on your skin with the sun. No Bueno!! But, you should enjoy this if you plan on relaxing or being indoors and you'll LOVE how soft and yummy smelling you are.}} Also, the floor of your shower or tub may be slippery - be careful when exiting.

I've made a batch of Bath Salts for little gifts recently and thought it would be perfect to do a GIVEAWAY!! Love a little Blog Candy!!

So, for the first 3 people that email me at: amybrianmccollum@msn.com (with the subject line as:Bath Salts) I'll mail out a sweet little bag of Bath Salts to you.**
**As previously noted, I'll be going into labor any day so, if it takes a little longer than expected to get your salts - that's why! :) I'll get them to you though! Make sure you include your full name, address and what scent combo from above you'd prefer. I'll whip it up just for you sista!
Smooches, Amy


Katey (Having Fun at Home) said...

I felt like I could just SMELL these salts as I read your post! :) I think we may try this fun idea with my little girls some time.

StarTraci said...

Oh my goodness! That looks fabulous and appears do-able even with my limited skills! THANKS!!!


Nicole B. said...

That does sound easy! I think I'll try them soon! Thanks for the inspiration.