About the A McC's

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

     "I'm a man of wealth and taste" .... we love the Rolling Stones in our house. When I was pregnant with our eldest, we blasted 70's rock constantly. Our oldest is now 5 and still sings along with what she believes some of the lyrics are.

    I'm Altaira and I'd like to tell you a little about me!

    I'm a wife, mother and major crafter. Originally from Southern California, we moved to New Mexico in 2009.  Before the family came along, I managed ACE Hardware stores in Orange County, CA. I started crafting during my teen years and have dabbled in almost everything - usually pretty successfully. After Payton was born, I worked at my local scrapbook store - I miss that job more than anything and was so sad to leave. Our daughters, Payton and Roreigh, are almost exactly 4 years apart. 
    My husband Bob was once in the Navy, a chef, installed DISH and cable, was a high-hazard logger and now repairs diesels. Now he won't cook unless the bbq is involved, is no longer clearing trees from around high voltage power lines (talk about stress!!) and gets to hang out with the kids and I during the day.
    Our little family includes my mother in law Loree. She is, as Amy would say "a hoot and a half." Loree is also a published photographer. So when you see the really good pictures posted, they are probably ones she took.
     I met Amy almost a year ago and we are riding the same wave - both raising young families, just trying to have fun crafting with others. We don't limit ourselves to one kind of crafting, which makes for interesting craft dates. And we put our families first. 
    I hope that you will stop by often to see what we are up to, maybe catch a tutorial here and there and I truly hope to someday soon meet each and every one of you!

Meet Amy

Mom to Savannah, our 4 year old princess with a baby boy, Jameson on the way (due in June 2012) and wife to my best friend Brian for over 9 years. I love life, my family and crafting! I enjoy getting into my craft room and playing or prepping for lots of classes around town. I'm a Stampin' Up Demonstrator and enjoy scrapbooking, card making, ATC Swaps, altered art, anything vintage or artsy fartsy! I love looking at something and saying 'I can make that'. I remember when I was young my Grandma would whip up something fabulous that we'd seen in a magazine or a store a few hours earlier. She was such a fantastic artistic influence. I get the artsy genes from both sides of the fam :). My Mom has her degree in Interior Design and my Dad is an artist in so many forms - painting, woodworking, metal work, etc. I'm inspired by LOTS of different mediums. Before we had Savannah, I owned a fantastic little bath shop that I made sugar scrub, milk bath, floral waters and girly goodies like that in. Aromatherapy and Massage are just another way I love to create. Sometimes when I get cranky, I'll tell Brian - I just need to get in the craft room for an hour and sure enough, I come out revived! It's the best therapy :)

Where in the world did we get McCrafty from? Well we are both A. McC's - Amy McCollum and Altaira McComb. I know you thought there was a better story than that huh? hehe

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