Saturday, June 29, 2013

Artful Affirmations ...

Words of Affirmation is my Love Language. Inspiring words, Happy words, Words that make you think deep. I dig words! So, I've been working on some Artful Affirmations and Messy-Pretty Mixed Media Art. Hope you're inspired! I'm working on some big projects right now. This is just the beginning. :) What words inspire you?
Smooches, Amy


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Boy Scrapbook pages ... The beginning

Our lil guy will be a year old in less than 2 weeks and I'm just starting his Scrapbook - Oh my!!
I've got some serious catching up to do!! Bear with me as I learn how to create boy pages. This will be an interesting progression to watch because I can do pink princess stuff all day long but, blue boy stuff - that's not so easy. He'll certainly never look at his books and be critical and I just need to remember that when I'm stewing over the pages for hours on end. Here are his first 2 pages...

**Kiddo Class** Father's Day Frames - Austin

Sav, Jame and I have been busy getting ready for Father's Day and J's 1st Birthday!! We've got family coming to visit so, I wanted to get ahead of the game and get everything done. I'm holding a Kiddo Craft Class this Saturday and Sunday to make cute little wooden frames and cards for Father's Day. Check out the details...
Saturday, 11 AM OR Sunday, 3 PM
$8.00 per frame/card set. Please let me know by Thursday if you're joining us and how many frame/card sets you'd like to make so I can have enough supplies ready. It's going to be FUN!!
* To complete your frame project print a 4x6 photo ahead of time so we know whether to decorate the frame short or tall.
We're using paints, decoupage, paper and stamps for our creations.

I handed the creative reigns over to my sugaroo to make her projects for her special guys. I assisted with the decoupaging and paper cutting but, she did the rest! She LOVED it though she was pretty insistent that the frames needed glitter! I told her that glitter was more for girls than for Papa, Grandpa and Daddy. Her response - 'I'm a girl and I like glitter and they're gonna love what I make for them'. Oy!! Thankfully, I detoured her from the glitter explosion that was to be but, that was a close one people. Haha! Truthfully, they would've loved whatever she made. Anyway, So Jameson could have a part in this project we painted his little hands and hand printed the frame. Well, that just looked too much stinkin' fun for Sav not to do it so, she hand printed too. FUN!!

I hope you can join us this weekend to make a special, personalized gift for your special guys. Happy Father's Day!!