Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Decoupage on Canvas Class - Austin

Come learn how to decoupage on canvas!
I made three fabulous 12x12 canvas gifts for Mother's Day with photos that we took at Easter. They're all similar but not the same. I personalized them for the person they're for. You can personalize yours to fit your style and family. We'll use paper (varying prints), paint, texture (bring a piece of ribbon, lace, some sort of fun texture to add to your project along with a couple of photos (wallet size or 3x5) and I'll provide the rest. I've got some fun machines in my craft room that we'll put to good use, cutting letters and embossing. It's going to be creative goodness! 
Cost: $35. Per Person. For 2 canvases $60. For 3 canvases $80.
Come and make all of your Mother's Day gifts in one class.
No creative experience necessary.
Saturday, May 4th 10:00 - 1:00 ish
Sunday, May 5th 2:00 - 5:00 ish
I can fit 6-8 people comfortably so, email me to reserve your space.
For my Mama. Much more traditional. Straight lines and embossed flowers - Love!
For Me - I call this messy pretty. Lots of paint layers - Love the lace.  

For my sister - Bright colors and Butterflies! The girl loves a butterfly! (Me too!)
I used a broken belt from my niece that she was going to throw away (cringe - don't worry I saved it!) I knew I could use it in a project and here ya go! That's just textural goodness right there people! 

This pic of my niece Ashley and I just makes me happy so, I added it.
I think I'll make a canvas with this photo next! Stay tuned for that crafty birds. Love my girl!!

Teacher Gifts - Notpeads in matching case

These cute little DVD-like cases are gussied up with paper and embellies.
I also embellished the notepad inside to match.
The pages inside are stamped randomly with coordinating images/colors.
Perfect for a simple teacher gift. $6.00 each (plus shipping outside of Austin)
Add a pen and a Starbucks gift card - I'm all about a practical gift that'll get used.  
Pink Floral



Gender Neutral

Parisian Butterflies

A Topsy Turvy Lala Loopsy Tea Party

My baby girl turned 5!!
Holy cow where has the time gone? She wanted a Lala LoopsyTea Party and since the Loopsies are all about mixing it up we decided to have the Tea Party under the table. The girls had so much fun! We decorated paper crowns (I'm still sweeping up glitter off of the floor!) and there were cupcakes! My little love was very specific about what kind of cupcakes she wanted. Strawberry cake filled with Chocolate pudding and of course pink icing with lots of sprinkles - They were DELISH!! 
Our table was covered in pink tulle tied up with pink ribbon, a few fabric buntings and some great big lollies hung from the ceiling and we were ready to party.
Now to plan my lil guys 1 year party for June. These kiddos are growing too stinkin' fast!
Life is good, Amy


Oh the glitter!! Goodness!!

I covered a box for the little tea table to match the lollies. Simple Dimple!

Savvy Cakes enjoiying her very specific cupcake! Love it when a girl knows what she wants! :)