Sunday, May 13, 2012


Happy Mother's Day to all of you fabulous Mamas out there!
We had a fantastic day at my moms. Potluck Brunch - nuff said - let me tell you, the ladies in my family can cook!! My belly is still happy! :) I whipped up some sweet little gifts for the ladies that I love. I made sure the wrapping was fantastic too. I think it's so special when someone falls in love with a gift before it's even opened. We had friends of the family there too and they both have grandkids so I made sure to make them a little sussie*. (*That's an Amy-ism for surprise.) For these little books, I covered coasters with paper and attached folded paper inside to create pages. You heard correctly, coasters!! They're easy to cover and fit wallet size pics perfectly.
I hope you're inspired!  

 This one is for Susan to put her grandson's photos in. I'm working on my boy inspiration since I'm gearing up for Jameson's scrapbook layouts. Trying not to go too frilly. Wish me luck!

 The wrapping. Love the green and white twine bow. Twine makes me happy!
 For Marlene's pics of her and her granddaughter Anna. Very girly!
 For my Aunt Beverly. LOVE the blue and white!

 For my cousin Deanna to put pics of her and her daughter Sophie in.
I think a little hot pink tulle was in order for the wrapping, girly much? YES!!

The one I created for my Grandma is the one that I made for my class last month. I printed pics that were taken at Christmas of each individual grouped family. She loved it so much!
The gift I made my Mom was also from my class (the standing album) I added LOTS of pics that we've taken since Christmas, not all posed, snapshots and such. She LOVED it!!
I don't always print out pics for the gifts that I give people because I like for them to personalize them with their favorites.

 My sister Vanessa, Mom, Grandma, Me and Savannah.
 Me and my sweet little sugaroo. These pics will be used in Daddy's Father's Day Mini Book that I've gotta get a move on making. I'm trying to be ahead of the curve since we'll have our sweet boy within the next few weeks. :) Yeah, Weeks!!
 LOVE her in the black and white polka dots!
My Mom and her grandgirl. They love each other so much! I'm so happy that we're closer to family so we can share these special moments together. I hope your day was amazing! Smooches, Amy

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