Wednesday, May 23, 2012


When Payton was about a year old, I caught an episode of Martha Stewart showcasing Etsy. Etsy was brand new back then. People were becoming increasingly disgruntled with Ebay and creatives needed a dedicated marketplace. The rest, as they say, is history.

On that episode, Emily Martin of The Black Apple, was sharing her famous Black Apple Dolls. sooo cute!


I didn't sew back then, well let me correct that - I knew how to sew thank you Grandma Donna but didn't have a sewing machine. So when the pattern was released on Martha's website, I saved it - for a very long time!

Fast forward to 2010 and my first attempt - with matching dress of course.


Lilly - the doll- is still around. A little dirty and her arm is coming out of the seam, but loved, very loved. Payton went through a phase of taking her everywhere. The matching dress was a favorite all that summer, and eventually got a long sleeve t-shirt and leggings added so she could still wear it through the winter - because she needed to wear the "Lilly dress."

This past winter, I busted out the pattern again. And made about 20 dolls for friends and family. I still have some piles of cut fabrics. I love these dolls because they take very little fabric and are quick to whip up. I have some sketches of alterations I'd like to make to the pattern: different dress options, a way to attach hair accessories, cute shoes, stockings. Someday I'll revisit this pattern - probly this holiday season. There are a new batch of little girls that are going to need lovies.

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JennyKozar said...

These are adorable and I can see why they would be well loved!