Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Birthday Hat

I made this hat for Roreigh to wear for her first birthday back in January. I can't believe our baby is already 1! I had posted this hat (on Facebook) and everyone loved it. So I thought I'd do a little tutorial for you all. You can also contact me if you aren't the crafty type and I'd be happy to make a custom party hat for your little one.

1. Print and cut your party hat template or gently take apart your generic party hat.
2. Lay your fabric paper over your template and trace. Trim.
3. Peel the adhesive backing off of the fabric paper and align it with your template. Do this slowly to avoid bubbles.
4. Hot Glue your pom pom trim around the bottom.
5. Cut a circle of your scrap paper to fit the solid part of the center of the doily. Adhere.
6. Make a basic paper bow using scraps. Following THIS tutorial
7. Layer up your paper bow with the flower, Bingo chip and ticket. Layer this all on top of the doily.
8. Bunch up a strip of tulle and generously hot glue it to the back of the doily. Work quickly so you can use the same hot glue to adhere the whole thing to the front of your hat.
9. Put this cute hat on your cutie!

If you aren't using self-adhesive fabric paper, I would recommend using spray adhesive to adhere your patterned paper to the template. Or print the template directly onto your patterned paper, whatever is easiest for you.

Lately I have been obsessed with working with Spring Circus by Rhonna Farrer. I used some of it today to make some Easter party hats for the girls. Once Easter is over simply remove the elastic and you have May Days cones to fill with goodies for the neighbors. Dual use makes this girl happy!



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Amy E. McCollum said...

Cuteness! I need to start on Savvy's party hat, I debated on making a crown but am thinking the cone is the way to go! I'm missing that sweet baby girl bunches, Give her a smooch from Auntie Amy!