Friday, March 9, 2012

Chilean Blogger Wisdom

I had a conversation this evening with a friend from back home. I suppose I should call her an acquaintance if you want to get technical - no she is still a friend. Joy is the blogger behind How Joyful. She is Chilean. Joy married the not-so-little-anymore boy that grew up in the house next door to my husband. My husband babysat Joy's! Joy and I have only seen each other maybe 4 times......ever. She came to California at the same time that I was leaving. We were passing ships in the night, And man am I still bummed about that! We would get along swimmingly... if I hadn't moved away.

But back to our conversation. Joy has some exciting news to share with the blogosphere soon and we were im'ing about it. And then we got to talking about how incredibly green with envy I am that she went to alt. this year. To my dismay, she told me that while the conference was great, some bloggers weren't.

Now, I know that there are bound to be bad apples in any bushel. But how could someone not be nice to Joy?!

But she encouraged me.

She encouraged me to give it a shot and keep pushing forward.

She said blogging is like therapy.

I am giving this whole blogging, crafting, teaching thing my ALL.

I am going big or going home.

I am going to succeed at this.

Crafting, Teaching, this Blog.... it makes me happy. In a way it makes me accountable.

I am one of those women, dont laugh, that when I go to the gym, I am convinced that if I don't do my whole routine, someone will notice. Now, I know that no one at the gym is paying any attention to me. I know that. But I am still convinced, in my mind, that someone will notice if I skip a rep or don't finish.

You, the readers, you are the person at the gym that will notice. You keep me accountable.

I can't wait to share with you.

 I can't wait for Amy to share with you.

We all have lives. Sometimes they get in the way.

I can't promise we are going to stick to some crazy blogging schedule.

I can promise that what we share with you is gonna be Amazing. Inspiring. Beautiful.

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Amy E. McCollum said...

I LOVE you doll and I'm so happy that we're friends!! It may have been a crazy way that we met but, it was destiny!! I love that our crafting styles are similar, our mommying styles are similar and that our values are similar! Just Love it, Smooches Babe!