Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Great Friends, Canton TX and a Rockstar!!!

As most of you know, I love my friend Laura from Willow Creek Gifts in New Mexico. We bonded when I had my store just down from hers several years ago. Then, when I found out that I was pregnant and the lease on the store was almost up, it was time for me to close. Laura offered a space in her store to rent so I could still sell my handmade goodies and not have to completely close. It was perfect!! I've gotten to know her pretty well over the years and I love our friendship!
BTW, her daughter Amber is expecting a boy soon too! YAY!!
So, Laura and I have talked about Canton TX many times and how fun it would be to go to the First Monday Market Days so, we planned it! I called my sister in Dallas and she so graciously opened her home and all of the spare bedrooms up to us so we could stay the weekend. Tami, Laura's best friend, drove up with her and we shopped til we dropped on Friday and then they shopped some more on Saturday!! What fun!!!
Here we are sitting at the hilltop at First Monday taking a little break and sippin' on some Sweet Tea - It's Texas people, gotta have some sweet tea :) The weather was hot and sticky but, we were thanking the good Lord that it was overcast. Oh the goodies that we found! It's HUGE!!!! We started just after 9: and didn't leave until after 4: and we still hadn't seen it all. Canton is a cross between an outdoor flea market, home decor market, vintage finds market and handmade and commercial goods of all kinds market. It has to be seen to be appreciated. Delightful!!!!

These were the CUTEST little handpainted outdoor tables made out of kegs, i think. The painting was whimiscal and we just LOVED them!! Clever!!

Ah, Girls Gone Junkin' - LOVE!!!! Check out their blog!
I met a Rockstar!!! Not of the musical variety - even better, of the artistic variety!!!
Miss Jennifer Hayslip from Sweet Eye Candy Creations was in Girls Gone Junkin. I just HAD to meet her!!! Altaira and I became fans of hers when we saw the article on her in Where Women Create. Jennifer created this amazing event called Petticoats and Parasols and En el Jardin!! It's AMAZE!!! I felt like such a goofball asking if I could have my picture taken with her - I just remember saying ' I promise I'm not a crazy stalker!' 'I just love you!' {{OY!!!}} I was sweating and fumbling because well, it was hot and sticky and I'm like 8 months pregnant and had been walking for hours. Anyway, she's fabulous!! She was there for the Beauty in Blue Art Retreat. I follow her sisters blog too, Scrappy Jessi. I found Jessi through The Gilded Girls blog AND Kim Caldwell's blog.
Okay, so MAYBE I blog stalk but, it's all for the LOVE of art and creativity!!
Anyway, I gave Jennifer our card and am crossing my fingers that she will stop by our sweet creative blog and realize that I'm really not crazy, just a fan!! Hahaha!! I really do admire the events that these ladies put together and we're both super inspired by them!!! One day, Altaira and I will attend at least one of their fabulous events. Cheers! Here's wishing on that star! Smooches, Amy

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