Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Decor

 I'm having so much fun creating my Halloween Decor this year! Last year we were staying at my parents in our transition to Austin so, I was able to create a little bit but not nearly as much as this year.  Altaira gave me a set of papers and chipboard to fuel my SPOOKY banner inspiration this Halloween! Thanks lady!!
Thanks also to Miss Margie Romney for the inspiration of the Junque Bows. Lots of fabulous scraps of paper, ribbons, etc. adorning all of the fun decor goodies. There's decoupage galore and I'm not even done yet ...
I've been busy dyeing ginormous coffee filters that Altaira and I got last year for an event and I'll have my project completed within the next few days. I hope your inspired and that your Halloween is shaping up to be fun! Savannah has decided that she wants to be a pirate this year so, we're rocking a family theme and we're gonna dress Jameson up as a parrot. Haha! Wish me luck on bringing the theme together. Have a great one!
Life is delightful, Amy

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