Wednesday, August 22, 2012

90th Birthday Celebration

My Grandma turned 90 a few weeks ago and we celebrated with a party at Perico's with close family and friends. My Grandma is such a lovely woman, she's got a quick wit and
(as my mother would say) is as sharp as a tack!
I was in charge of putting together a display of photos for the party. My Grandma had them stored in her skate case that she's had since she was a teenager! It's so amazing to see these photos and I was SUPER EMOTIONAL!! I cried everytime I sat down to work on the project. My Grandpa passed just over a year ago and looking at these photos and how young they were and all of the things they've seen together - Wow!! I'm tearing up now.
The story of how they met is one that I love - They met at the skating rink and how is was back then was when the organ player stopped playing during the skate, you changed partners so you got to meet everyone in the rink. Well, I guess they made a connection because they made a beautiful life together and were still so in love when he passed. He used to call to her 'You sweet thing'. 
She still has that skate case and keeps her special memories in it.
A couple of the photos had writing on the back. One was to my Grandpa, I assume when they first met, 'Best of luck, your skating pal, Esther.' I wonder if that went with him when he went to war. Where have these photos traveled? What rooms have they been put up in to be remembered?
90 years is a long time. Seeing her through her life allowed me not to just see her as 'Grandma' but as a woman, a wife, a mother, a sister. This lady has moxie! I adore her and I'm so happy that we live closer so that my kiddos can get to know their Great Grandmother.  
My Mom, Grandma and Aunt Beverly
The display table

I made her a name banner too!

The photos were backed on beautiful papers and hung on curtain
clips and hung inside a jewelry frame from hooks.

Of course she needed a crown - It was her Birthday for goodness sake!
A pretty paper pennant garland to embellish the frame
AND a pennant garland for the cake to tie it all together. I LOVE a theme!!

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